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Development of growth sectors and business clusters

  • Research and analysis of sector and market trends, demand prospects and opportunities, make up of industry participants and drivers of future growth and investment
  • Creation of mechanisms to develop the full potential of growth clusters to innovate, create new products, penetrate markets and engage in international trade
  • Development of local hubs and workspace centres and networks
  • Advice on business support, specialist skills development, workspace provision, business collaboration and measures to maximise impacts on local economic growth


International business 

  • Country specific market research
  • Market entry advice and support
  • Facilitating introductions to prospective customers, distributors or colloborative partners 
  • Support to overseas promotional activities
  • Regional strategies for increasing engagement in international trade


Creative industries

  • Development of creative industry hubs and growth support programmes


Low carbon industries

  • Assessment of low carbon industry growth prospects and opportunities
  • Development of low carbon innovation centres
  • Studies into low carbon skills requirements 


Business start-up and incubation

  • Programmes to encourage new entrepreneurship and the survival and growth of young innovative enterprises
  • Development of business incubation workspace and enterprise centres


Business Support

  • Strategies and partnership building to focus business support resources where impact is most needed and to assure joined up delivery