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Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world.

Economic Growth Management has a large network of connections in Brazil and is well placed to assist businesses and development organisations in Brazil and the UK in working together, through the following services.


Companies seeking to develop business in Brazil

  • Assessment of market opportunities in Brazil
  • Introductions to potential collaborative partners
  • Representation in Brazil
  • Referral to legal assistance in setting up a business operation

Development organisations and government agencies in Brazil

  • Collaborative links between Brazilian and European businesses and research institutions
  • Development of innovation centres and support programmes
  • Research and intelligence on major foreign companies’ future investment intentions in Brazil
  • Transfer of UK expertise in development of econmic growth initiatives, growth sectors, creation of inward investment opportunities and urban development and regeneration.


Brazilian companies

  • Assessment of market opportunities in the UK and continental Europe
  • Facilitating connections to potential trading partners in the UK and continental Europe